Diana back in control of her health with terrific results

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Diana Shared her 9-month results living the Wheat Belly lifestyle, along with a good dose of encouragement for anyone else feeling even the least bit discouraged:

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision losing inches so easily. It’s like melting fat off my body.

“Don’t be discouraged about the number on the scale ever again! Measure and touch your body. Feel your hips and thighs. Remember how they felt so you’ll know when the melting happens.
I don’t remember feeling the bones around my knees except the kneecaps. I feel other bones now. Holy moly, is that a great feeling. My hip bones, like the actual bones, I can now feel. Wow!
My belly is no longer a big giant ballon it’s now a basketball. My butt is not the way it was 9 months ago.

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What I’ve gained is a sense of accomplishment and self-worth no meeting or TV personality can give me from following a commercial weight loss program. I’ve done this ALONE and on my own. No pre-made meals or store-bought preservatives in my food. I’m chopping, shredding, measuring and cooking my meals. I’m in control of my health for the first time in 56 years. Next month I turn 57 and I intend to not be 200+ pounds next year!!

“You can do this! Don’t EVER give up because EVERY day is a new beginning to start again if something tripped you up. Giving up on yourself isn’t an option since we are all here, too. We’re not giving up on you or ourselves.

“I asked my husband to take a photo of me in this skirt and top on this beautiful day here in Minnesota. I was amazed at how far the skirt went down, as now only my hips are keeping it up. Next year I won’t be wearing this skirt because I’ll be too small!”

Look at Diana’s sideways pose in particular: she has lost an impressive amount of visceral fat that was previously not just a physical impediment, but was the seat of a huge amount of inflammation, now receding powerfully.

As I’ve pointed out many times before, observe what Diana does not have to do while achieving such extravagant results: She is not exercising to extremes, she is not counting calories, she is not pushing the plate away and having to wage a constant battle with hunger. She has removed the extraordinary health disruptions of wheat and grains and is reaping the huge benefits of a return to real, non-grain foods.

I’m looking forward to Diana’s next update, as I predict that nobody here or in her own neighborhood will recognize her!

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