Can No Candy Still Mean Happy Halloween?

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Want to stop wondering what to put in the Halloween goodie bag of those adorable little creatures who coming knocking at your door? Simple: Be cool! Stock up on these great alternative choices and do GOOD work.

31 No-Candy Amazing Treats!!!


  • Light-up Yo-Yo’s

Need we say more?

  • Glider Airplanes
    So inexpensive and definitely an item that they will use for days to come.
  • Bouncy Rubber Balls

Inexpensive and fun!


  • Glow Necklaces-Bracelets

This is a great option for kids who are out trick or treating in the dusk or nighttime.

  • Mini Play Dough

You will get a big smiley thank you for this treat!!!


  • Rubber Stamps-Mini Ink Pads

Rubber Stamps are a WOW surprise!

  • Lego Mini Packages

Your house will be known as the coolest house on the block!

  • Mini Key-Chain Flashlights

Totally useful idea for kids walking around after dark!

  • Plastic Vampire Teeth


  • Bendable Figurines

Let their imagination take over.


  • Washable Tattoos

A great way for kids and their parents to spend fun-time together!

  • Stencils

Very inexpensive. The kids will trade afterwards for the one they like.

  • Water Bottles

Believe me, they will use them all through their Halloween neighborhood run.

  • Sidewalk Chalk

Something that every kid will love.

  • Stickers

Inexpensive and always a win.

  • Bubbles

Not for the kids only. Adults love them, too


  • Mini Slinky

Remember the fun we had with those?

  • Halloween Balloons

Tie them with lots of streaming orange and black ribbons.

  • Colorful Notebooks

Boys and girls love them.

  • Skeleton Bone Pens-Pencils-Erasers


  • Fancy Crayon Packages

Practical but still cool. Encourage the kids’ creativity.

  • Mini Paratroopers

Who has the smoother landing?


  • Hair clips (Girls) Always a little girls’ favorite.


  • Army Figurines Here you go – for the boys.


  • Loose Change

Get out that old coin jar!

  • Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets are making a fun comeback!!

  • Fake Mustaches

Kids love sporting these hilarious fake mustaches. NO babies though!

  • Finger Puppets

Calling all actors. The Halloween finger puppet fun show is about to start.

  • Mini plastic Water Squirting Guns

Make sure they are not filled!!!

  • Consider mini bottles of water

After all, your ghouls and goblins are walking around and thirsty!

  • Glow in the Dark Balls

We saved so much fun for our last choice.


Yours in grainless health,

Dr. William Davis




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