Breakfast landmines? Nima testing on the road

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I’ve been testing the Nima device for personal gluten residue detection in foods.

This time, I was having breakfast at the Grand Summit Hotel in suburban Summit, New Jersey, where I was conducting some business. A breakfast buffet was provided here, just as in many other hotels: scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, fruit, as well as the usual grain-containing and sugary choices.

Because scrambled eggs have been a source for occasional grain/gluten exposures because of either the addition of pancake mix to the batter and/or cross-contamination of cooking utensils and surfaces, I tested the scrambled eggs. I also tested the bacon, which would provide a potential cross-contamination risk (though I’ve also seen bacon drained of excess oil on slices of white bread).

Both foods proved negative, shown by the smiley face on the Nima device (only one negative result shown):

Given the negative result, I ate the entire breakfast, along with a small serving of sliced fruit, and developed none of my typical signs of wheat/grain re-exposure (which I tend to get within 30 minutes of re-exposure), suggesting that the Nima testing was correct.

I shall continue to test foods in restaurants, as well as foods purchased in stores that are either designated or not designated gluten-free, just to give us a little better insight into what foods are safe, which are not, as well as help illustrate how/where/what foods the Nima device can be helpful for.

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