April’s Wheat Belly transformation

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April shared her Wheat Belly experience of losing weight and rediscovering health by rejecting all conventional dietary advice:

I feel like I have been on a journey to health and wellness my whole life, trying to lose or maintain my weight in one way or another. Weight Watchers, meal replacement shakes by Body by Vi, Juice Plus, Advocare. Exercising to balance calories in, calories out, low fat, calories counting, you name it!

“I gained 60 pounds after several major life changes. I went to the medical doctor to discuss my weight gain and she told me the classic – eat less, exercise more, count calories, low fat, etc. I was so sick of hearing that – those strategies never lasted long term. So I undoctored!

“In January, 2016, I talked with my chiropractor about my weight. She suggested I try nutrition response testing. I completed those tests and was found to be sensitive to soy – go figure: the first ingredient in the meal replacement shake mixes that I had taken. I cleared my cupboards and fridge of all things soy – I was blown away by how many products contained soy.

“At this time I also started my self-education journey. The chiropractor I did nutrition response testing with had Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly Total Health book in his lending library. I was intrigued and borrowed it – eventually getting it on audio. (I am on the road a lot for work and listening to books is easier.) At the beginning of May, 2016, I started to remove grains from my eating. I read the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox and went all in mid-May, 2016. I have been on a mission to regain health ever since. I didn’t do any of the grain replacement recipes at the beginning because I wanted to get a good handle on the grain-free lifestyle. I ate proteins, veggies, and healthy fats. I started the recipes about six months in, but I have since decided to just use them occasionally as treats.”

Among the more interesting aspects of April’s wonderful response to the Wheat Belly lifestyle is the improvement in the contours of the skin on her legs: the irregular surface characteristic of cellulite appear to have receded dramatically, a relatively common response with wheat/grain elimination. Such skin changes, of course, parallel body-wide reduction in inflammation that leads to long-term benefits such as greater weight loss, reduced insulin resistance, and reduced potential for heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

And note that April is enjoying such extravagant improvements in weight, health, and appearance with no meal replacement shakes to buy, no weight loss supplements, no extreme exercise, no counting calories or points.



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