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Here’s a sample of the recent Amazon reviews for my book, Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor.

I am encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, as we are in a virtual war with Big Pharma, the medical device industry, and the hospital industry, all working around-the-clock to take more money out of your pocket while denying you real health. The powerful and pervasive campaign of misinformation conducted by many people in healthcare is impossible to ignore. Getting the Undoctored message out to the public is more important than ever before.

The real tragedy? Real, powerful solutions for health already exist—but the doctor’s office and the healthcare system are the LAST places you will hear about them, as they are too busy pushing revenue-yielding products and procedures on you. Getting this message out was a big part of my motivation for writing Undoctored and I believe that readers are coming to understand and embrace this new way of viewing and practicing genuine health.


I was just entertaining myself with the small percentage of 1-star Amazon reviews of the original Wheat Belly book, which quite literally changed my life. Much of it is the same kind of criticism I run into in real life: “This will never work so I won’t bother trying it.” Oh really? My size 6 jeans (from 26/28+) beg to differ! I’m guessing most of the critics remain fat and unhealthy.

The first step to curing yourself of a weight problem or any other health issue is to believe it can be achieved. Then you have to actually do something about it. Dr. Davis lays out the steps for you — more completely in Undoctored than ever before. All you have to do is follow them. If nothing else has ever worked, what have you got to lose by trying something completely different?

I promise, it won’t hurt a bit, but you do have to be willing to give health a chance.

I’m not all of the way through this book yet, but I’m thrilled, more than thrilled that this information is finally available for the average person to read and to learn. I watch too many people with chronic diseases — some are actually dying and nothing is being done for them except to increase and stuff them full of drugs. I live in deep south Texas which has the highest rate of diabetes in the world. The diet recommendations are to eat more and more carbs, cut out fat (which does not raise blood sugar) and take drugs, drugs and more drugs. It’s insane and unethical and happening everywhere.

Years ago my husband and I embarked on a pretty much undoctored lifestyle. We are 66 and 60, respectively and we do not go to the doctor unless something (like a bone) is broken. We have health issues, but understand they are unlikely to be improved by drugs and that’s all modern medicine offers. We changed our diet to a Paleo style diet and our blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation dropped. We added magnesium and our blood pressure dropped. Wow, there’s a world of health out there that most people don’t know anything about. Dr. Davis is simply trying to tell us all the truth. The American public is being hoodwinked and bamboozled.

Maybe he should take some words from the Movie, Terminator — “Come with me if you want to live.” Austrian accent inserted. Read this book and do what Dr. Davis is trying to tell us all to do — Think for ourselves and break the stranglehold that the current medical system has on most of us. Most chronic diseases, including autoimmune and cardiovascular disease can be cured or greatly improved without drugs. I know, my husband and I have done it. We are looking forward to using Dr. Davis’ systems to improve over what we’ve been doing on our own.

Being an MD, I can tell you that the medical profession has unfortunately become an industry. Of course if you get hit by a bus or shot, you need the medical services but regarding treating chronic disease the medical profession falls way short. It is crucial to take responsibility for one’s own health. In general it is all about the diet. The diet is under your complete control I have been on a ketogenic diet for several years and after all my research, it is the way to go. Limit carbs to no more than 50 gms per day and preferably less than 25. As Dr. Davis states to ditch all the grains and carbs except for high fibrous vegetables. Dr. Davis brings to light the fact that the medical industry is about profit. Big pharma is not to be trusted as they very misleadingly claim spectacular results by using relative risk vs. absolute risk. This is clearly seen in the advertising of the statin studies. In my opinion, this is the biggest hoax. Cholesterol is not the culprit. It is sugar/carbs as Dr. Davis states. Big pharma does not spell out all the side effects of which there are many. Forget about the USDA which has given us the food pyramid. It is the exact opposite of what we should be eating. I met a PhD biochemist for the USDA. This man was morbidly obese. Right, we should take advice from him. These guidelines have caused significant damage, deaths, and disabilities. Just look around and you will see it is rare to find a thin person. We have been eating extremely excessive amount of carbs and frankenfoods for decades now and we have never been fatter. Please take Dr. Davis advice and you will be on the road to health.

I am a believer and while not so dogmatic in my approach to my new lifestyle, I have seen tremendous and exciting results.PLEASE-If you have suffered from a heart attack, high blood pressure, acid reflux, you need to at least read this book.

I have suffered from acid reflux for years. Taking this and that prescription offered by my doctors-nothing worked very well or for very long. When I came off of the meds, I was told to expect an acid rebound. Well, on that note they were not wrong. I read this book and started some of the program before even finishing it

SINCERELY- within about 4 days, my acid reflux is GONE, no more meds. My annual cardiology appointment came up a couple of weeks ago-and he was forced to remove me from my blood pressure medicine. NO JOKE.

This book has truly saved my life. I have tried almost every diet known. You name it, I tried it. But, I didn’t know what I was doing or why. I had no idea how bad grains are for you. I thought it would be enough to be gluten free, but it isn’t. I read the book and have been on his plan for about one week. In just one week, my digestion problems (that I have had for almost a decade and could not fix with prescription medication) are gone! I am only 35. I am overweight and have severe palpitations. I have had my vitamin D tested — I was severely deficient. I had my magnesium levels tested — I was severely deficient. The worst part is, my doctors do not care. They look at me, see that I am overweight and then try to get rid of me. If I ask them for prescriptions, they write them no questions asked (regardless what I ask for). But when I ask them to make me healthy, they give you the old food pyramid jazz. Trust me, read the book. The healthcare system in this country is designed to make and keep you sick!

This book is absolutely exceptional. The first part of the book is extremely enlightening with its explanation of the food, government and pharmaceutical industries. The second part of the book is equally enlightening with diet and supplementation. Friends of mine have said “there is so much information out there” and, while true, we use information in all aspects of our lives — not just as regards food — to make informed decisions. You take in a lot of information, and then decide which information is best, whether it’s regarding food, or anything else. I encourage everyone to read this book. It can be life-changing. It is empowering, will increase your knowledge level and can have you living much healthier.

I read this book from cover to cover in just a few days. Now I am going back to some of the important information. I have to admit at first I was puzzled as to how different Dr. Davis’ recommendations were to what I have been taught all my life. I know that what I have been doing so far has not been to kind to my weight and health. We have been incorporating his ideas into our life because (honestly) we are not doctor goers. The information he portrays is so absolutely right it is unbelievable. I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to understand what is going on in healthcare and wants to take responsibility for their own health.

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