A new program for wellness and to halt cognitive decline/dementia

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We are planning to launch a bold and exciting new program at the Villas at Manalapan in central New Jersey. The Villas is a retirement community that incorporates cutting-edge wellness practices through its Revite Wellness program that includes efforts targeted to prevent, even reverse, cognitive decline. I will be bringing many of the Undoctored and Wheat Belly concepts to the Villas and I will be present to provide education and lectures from time-to-time.

The setting will be an apartment-home community mirroring the ambience and accommodations of a world-class resort with lush gardens, crystal chandeliers, a theater, elegant dining room, gym, bar, coupled with the (voluntary) Revite Wellness program.

On-site healthcare staff include a functional medicine physician to coordinate the cutting-edge health strategies, all aimed at improving cognitive function, physical health and appearance, minimizing or reducing reliance on prescription medication. You won’t even notice many of the hidden advantages built into the center, such as:

  • Lighting is managed, reducing blue wavelength lighting in common areas at night, enhancing LED lighting during the day, all to improve circadian rhythms, enhance daytime energy, and improve sleep.
  • Water will be filtered, then re-mineralized to improve mineral intake through drinking water.
  • Air is filtered to remove particulate matter, a known risk factor for cognitive decline.
  • Residents can choose to wear a biometric device, such as an Apple watch, that monitors heart rate, sleep cycles, etc. that will be tracked by healthcare staff.
  • When residents eat in the dining room, staff record diet composition that is transmitted to healthcare staff.

Residents will have the option to follow a grain-free, low-carb lifestyle to maximize health. They will also have the option of engaging in a comprehensive health assessment that includes laboratory examination of metabolic and hormonal status, selected genetic markers, imaging assessment of bone density and coronary artery health. The aim is to address every facet of health that provides advantage in improving health, functioning, flexibility, brain health, weight management, and longevity. Staff will also work to reduce reliance on prescription medications, help with exercise (gym, dance classes, supervised and independent exercise, etc.) with a gym staffed by an exercise physiologist, provide counseling on diet when desired.

Enrollment in the Revite Wellness program is voluntary and—remarkably—without additional cost (except for testing not covered by Medicare/healthcare insurance). You will be impressed with the many innovations that the Villas introduces, such as the morning “cocktail” (non-alcoholic) designed by on-site dietitian, Michelle Bruno, that provides MCT and coconut oils for improved brain health, EPA + DHA, vitamin D, probiotics and prebiotics, methylated B vitamins (for mood and cognitive health), and others.

In addition to the focus on health and wellness, the day-to-day lifestyle is designed for elegance and luxury. Meals are prepared in a display kitchen. A bistro will make gourmet coffee available. There is a movie theater with luxury recliner stadium seating. You will find a lounge and cocktail bar to enjoy wine, cocktails, tapas and live entertainment. A great room will host concerts and lectures, while the glass conservatory contains a greenhouse and sun room. A salon and spa are available, as are hydro massage lounge units. A full list of amenities can be found here. Details on the choice of residences can be found here. We know of no other facility like the Villas that offers such an array of health-promoting services, all in a luxurious setting.

Several levels of more advanced conventional care will also be available on site. One floor of the center will also house a Memory Center for residents with Alzheimer’s dementia where every effort will be made to stop progression or reverse any causes that can be identified.

If you would like more information about the Villas or the Revite Wellness program for you or a loved one, call 732-847-3920 or request more information here. Anyone following a Wheat Belly or Undoctored lifestyle can seamlessly continue their empowering practices at the Villas.

Now for a quick tour. Here is the dining room:

Here is one of the residences with a balcony:

A view of the balcony from the outside:

The patio with firepit:


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